Semi-finished products, genetically modified foods and meat. Destruction under the guard of the law.

The whole January I was busy filming the next documentary film. It has been devoted semi-finished products. Food theme is very interesting for me, because, not so long ago, I became a vegetarian and I thought began serious think that what I fu**ing eat. However, to understand among the usual food was not so easy, because 90% of everything that uses each of us every day is not really food..hell, but it’s not food.

Now, semi-finished products, according to the statistics, we use them almost more bread. Pizza, pancakes & etc., in Russia they are divided into 5 categories. The first stores to find we could not, in the second, according to the law, the meat should NOT be MORE than 60%, in the third not more than 40%, then it can not be in principle. If this is a product that says that the meat there is meat there is no precise, if meat product in 90% of cases it is a meat-bone flour, pork skin and milled bones. According to the law it is meat, and all here. Importantly, as we are told to believe.
When I began to understand what meat, I told myself a thousand times thank you, for not eat it more than six months. So, the meat in processed foods and even plain beef that we buy. In my eyes, a former professional technologist of the largest Russian meat-packing plant showed me the way we make a fool. In the «meat» may include: textured soy flour, sodium glutamate (E621), soy protein isolate, pork skin, meat-bone meal, sometimes if you are lucky, cartilage and parings and all this in part may be designated as: beef, pork, speck, spices, salt, pepper and basically all the wheels.. Another on the shelves not down right here, and we can buy, like fools, and cheap and at the top of stores.

фото 2

Just this is enough to simulate any kind of meat. This, as told to make beef, chicken, pork, rabbit and even lamb. The secret of the sodium glutamate – amplifier taste everything you want. In principle, I managed to buy newspaper, adding all-purpose flour, spices for meat and covered all of glutamate, turned out to taste strange, but taste… In the trial centres where we treated said that replacement constantly evolve, but..nothing can be done, the producers themselves create technical regulations and work on it. There write his laws, and on top of his. The spit on the people, like yourself in other stores outfit, well and producers, too, and all eat the skins, feathers Yes soy, like with the eyes closed.
All that is specified after the word structure – not more funny pictures, the word beef, can easily be: (1% of beef bones and 99% of textured soy flour. Soy can be a normal, natural, and then we just cheat financially, and could be genetically modified.

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By the way, since the summer of 2014 in Russia have already allowed the cultivation of genetically modified crops, and today we successfully importing, and quality, which in Europe is simply not acceptable. Confirm the safety of gene products have not, and experiments prove their opponents bad effects on the body, fertility, life expectancy, etc. etc. Today, the use of gene products – pure experiment on themselves and their children, and who will be responsible? Nobody.
From gene products go to another more disguised problem – conventional meat. Buying loin on a bone, are you sure it’s beef, it’s all meat? The average age of a calf, where he embarks on a steak few years ago was 10-14 months, today, and for 3 months cow can turn into a huge carcass. Don’t let her move, feed her several times a day genetically modified CHEAP food, colitis steroids, antibiotics, shove her with food in one place. Manufacturer satisfied. Fast and cheap, well and people drags delight, yet satisfied. There is no hunger. That’s only if such a piece of meat taken for examination, it will show that this is not 100% beef, present in DNA soy! In the restaurants as well, the cook large Steakhouse showed how the pieces laundered марганцовке, showed traces of injections traces of decay and how it can be easy to get rid of. Then he fried steak.. Does this man teaches.

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And now for my favorite theme. Dairy products. In Russia almost impossible to find. Milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, condensed milk, – cow near this did not take place. More than 70% of all dairy products, according to experts of the Ministry of palm oil. In the body it is not absorbed, delayed plaques in vessels, from here strokes and other troubles. But it’s not just the oil. It is characterized by the so-called X number. This is the oxidation factor of the product or damage. The European norm not more than 0.5 miles equivalent of oxidized oxygen per kilogram for the food industry. In Russia these standards are much higher, more than 6. In Europe of such oils do not even fuels, say, dangerous, and we are literally hounded.

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It turns out that from 2014 Russia will be inundated with genetically products as limestone, and of her own making, the law is now allowed. Standards for palm oil is the cheapest and harmful in the world, raise no plans, and producers can write on the package actually, anything. We checked a large number of products, matches are extremely rare, and specialists shake hands, say, a NORMAL PRACTICE. People eating, people are pleased. As said, one of our consultants, modern food…this is a great…excellent..weapon against traffic jams…
P.S. Now I try to minimize shopping in conventional stores, not to mention the large hypermarkets, vegetables that are sold there is often either GMO origin, or poisoned with chemical fertilizers. Fashion for ecological food in Russia has not come yet, but find a small departments is still possible. Eco products are usually more expensive, but if you count, they should cost, another question that money we should be more..But we had the same «planned action» at the expense of the rouble, as said chief spokesman.. Moscow, Russia. Oleg Zayanov.

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